Alex Dontre

Psychostick's Drummer

Alex interviewed himself here. What a jerk!

Favorite food?
Anything too spicy for normal people, like Sriracha.

Coke or Pepsi?

Favorite beer?
Murphy's Stout, hands down.

Are books stupid?
Books are kind of stupid. I like wikipedia better.

If music took over the world, who would rule?
Cannibal Corpse would rule. Who would challenge a band like that?

When did you start smashing things in a rhythmic pattern?
I have always smashed things, but then I started playing drums at 12.

What is your ideal date?
There was a date tree near where I grew up, and I was never too particular to them, so I just avoid them completely. I never date.


What is a typical day on tour like?
Assuming I got to sleep the night before, we get up in the late morning and drive to our next show! Drive a whole lot...keep driving, then finally get to the venue around 5pm. While waiting for the promoter to feed us, we just set all of our gear up for the show. About 7pm, the promoter finally gets there, and the show starts! We try to get a food buyout from the promoter, but you can't find him now. Later, we get on stage and play our set about midnight, and never get to eat. Then I go to sleep!

If you were stuck in a padded room and could only watch one movie, what would it be?
If I was stuck in a padded room, I would want to fit in with all the crazies, so I would watch Barn of the Blood Llama every day to drive me insane!

Don't you just love that Guitar Hero?
No, it's Dance Dance Revolution for lazy people. Side note, Dance Dance Revolution sucks too.

Quick word association!

Dog: Cat
Red: Murphy's
Cold: Starbucks
World: Doomed
Mud: Wrestling
Skull: Deftones
Sparkle: Motion
Jumping: Cactus

We secrete awesomesauce.