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Rawrb interviews himself!

Good GOD you are handsome!
Yeah I know. But that's not a good question, Rawrb.

Oh, my bad.
Yeah yeah yeah, let's do this already.

Right. Um, anything interesting happen lately?
*sigh* Not really. Brad Pitt e-mailed me wanting a hat like my new one. Stupid Brad Pitt, I told him to shut up.

Poor guy. How is that new hat working out?
Very good. It's a little hefty and I gotta find a better way to keep it on my head, but I absolutely freakin' love it.

Nice. Have you chosen a political affiliation yet?
Are you fucking serious?

Oh, sorry. What's the most annoying interview question you get asked?
Take a wild guess.

You know what, you're a dick!
Alright, alright, sorry - I'm just messin' with you. Keep on.

Psh. Fine. How did Psychostick start?
That's my least favorite question, actually.

Ohh, ok. Um, favorite type of food?
Italian. If you feed me this genre of food, you will be my friend.

So people have to bribe you with food for you to like them?

Ok... so I hear you do nothing but drink beer and party. This true?
Haha, very funny. No I don't. I actually don't "party" at all. I'll wear a party hat though and scream "PARTY HARD!" at a regular party for no reason. Then I'll hide somewhere with my PSP or DS.

Tell us something about you most people wouldn't know.
When we recorded "BEER!" I didn't even drink or like beer.

Favorite thing about touring?
The FOOD. We get to try so many types of food around the country that I think the Food Network should follow us with a camera crew. Hey FOOD NETWORK, what the hell?!

Least favorite thing about touring?
Drunken assclowns. Heh. If you're at a show and you're drunk, obnoxious, and trying to find me to talk loudly in my face, chances are I'm avoiding you.

Geez. Got some pent-up aggression there, Rawrb?
Heh, not really. Just one of my pet peeves. We all got 'em and we all gotta deal with 'em.

Indeed. I bet you've got a ton of groupies!
I don't actually. The era when metal brings in hordes of sluts has passed us by, my friend.

Anything else?
I'm a geek. I play video games. I'm also working on a new web comic called Alfredo Afro. I'm launching it soon! Check it out and subscribe! So far it's really funny and I think you'll dig it, even though you can't see what I've been working on just yet.

Gimme some love.
I love self-love.

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Tom Cruise probably hates us.