Let's Do the Sex

I'm chillin' here at the Jiffy Lube in the waiting room
When I see you
Why did you sit down so far away
I close the gap and say,
Something great. "Hey."
Did you fall from heaven
Cuz I'd rate you as a seven  
Maybe 8 depending on the time of day
Windspeed, and humidi-tay

Thanks for not spraying with me mace
And/or punching me in the face
Why don't we go back to my place
I got a really nice penis

Let's do the sex - Sexually
All of the sex - From A to Z
I'd like to sex - Pelvically
Let's do the sex (sexually sexy sex) 
Let's do the sex.

All of us 
At work, in a conference room
We're all listening to you
Giving a power point presentation on the dangers and legal implications of sexual harassment 
in the work place.
I raise my hand to ask
How can we propagate
While I legally invade
Your personal space (respectfully)
Hey now, speaking of space,
why don't you come back to my place
We'll have an agreed upon 
signed and notarized make-out session and/or
licensed intercourse

I just wanna feel
A totally responsible thrill
All through the night until it's light
Unless you're working in the morning 

Protective contraception
By our mutual discresion
Reaching maximum climax simultaneously

Let's do the sex - Mutually  
All of the sex - Consensually
Agree to sex - Legal-la-ly
Let's do the sex

Let's do the sex - Regularly
All of the sex - Unequivocally
Practice safe sex - Contraceptively
Engage in sex - Intercoursil-il-ly
Begin the sex - I'm excited that it's more than a kiss 
We're doin' sex - I can't believe that we agreed to this
Still doin' sex - It's coitusly colossally great
Sex sex sex - My preferred way to end a date 

Ugh. Yeah.

It seems that we just did the sex - Sexually
We did the sex - Enjoyably
I liked the sex - Definitely
We did the sex (sexual sexy sex)
Let's do more sex!

Weiners, ‘giners, and butts and mouths

Fun Fact(s) about "Let's Do the Sex:"

This song was originally cut from Revenge of the Vengeance! WHAT?!

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