The "Really Really Dark Black Friday Sale of Dark Doomy Darkness" Sale

Posted by Rawrb on November 26th 2015, 12:00 AM

Yeah, we're doin' that silly Black Friday sale thing. We're going to stretch it through Monday, November 30th though, unlike those other weenies who only limit that to JUST one day.

We RULE. Just ask Wiseau:

Oh Tommy.
Tommy feels it. You should too.

For instance, we've got shirts that are at 40% off. All of our music is discounted at 15% off! WOAAH.

AND, not only that, but if you use the code "DARKFRIDAY" at checkout, you'll receive an additional 10% off at checkout. So that's like... a bunch of percentages... or something.

You can also score a "Holiday Mystery Box" where we throw a bunch of goofy shit in there. AND... we're doin' some silly Skype calls as well.

So check out all the things! ROOOAWRR!

"Why do you exist? FUCK!" - Most Girls