Psychostick is Twitching!

Posted by Rawrb on April 17th 2018, 12:00 AM

Hey ya'll! (Insert Texan yippity dance thing)

We here at Psychostick Labs/Farms/Space Station have so much coming up this year (NEW ALBUM, touring, Alex finally stops being dead maybe), but I (Rawrb) wanted to let you know 'bout somethin' else we got goin' on.

We've got a Twitch channel!

For those who don't know, Twitch is kinda like YouTube except it's geared more towards live streaming and video games. We have some pretty sweet plans for this platform. Right now it's mostly just me (Rawrb) bein' a nerd.

If you enjoy them vidja games and dabble with anything Twitch related, please give Psychostick a follow! We're working on building our Twitch community on there and would be ever-so-grateful for your support.

Also, over the next month or so we'll also be spilling some details on our next album. The release date will be unveiled soon. Put on those patience pants, skip on down to the yogurt store, and gobble down some excitement sorbet!

Thanks for all the love and support e'erybody. We'll be in touch.

Released an album called "Sandwich"! Idiots!