Tube day approaches. Polish that coleslaw!

Posted by Rawrb on March 25th 2018, 12:00 AM

Pronounced "Paw-lish." *ahem*

Well, it's sneakin' up! The mighty TUBE is about to unleash/splooshify it's 2018 version, and none can hide from its carboardey, fibrous goodness.

For those wondering, the next iteration of the tube will go on sale at 12:00 AM Central on Sunday, April 1st. That is not changing!

The Tube-a-thon Tubecast will happen starting 8 PM Central on April 1st and continue through 8 PM Central on April 2nd. This means when the Tube-a-thon Tubecast ends, so do TUBE sales! You get a little more time to snag a tube this year, but not much!

You can catch the sweet waves of the TUBE on our Twitch channel, this YouTube event, or here.

If you're wondering what the gimmick amazing, perfect attributes this year's tube will have, you just gotta rub those kneecaps and wait.

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